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The Persian Cat – 8 Fun Facts

An old breed, Persian cats make popular pets due to their calm and sweet disposition. Although Persians tend to be relaxed and easygoing, they tend...

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Symptoms Of Kidney Disease In Cats

The risk factors between acute and renal kidney failures in cats are different. However, both conditions share similar symptoms. Monitoring your cat’s drinking and urinating...

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What Is Kidney Failure In Cats?

The kidneys of a healthy cat principally act to remove metabolic waste products from the blood stream, regulate the levels of essential nutrients such potassium...

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Nutrition For Kittens

Since kittens grow very quickly and go through two stages of growth before adulthood – babycat and kitten – they need a specific diet in...

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The Best Food For Fussy Dogs

Picking food for fussy dogs can be frustrating. The first step is to ensure you are feeding your dog a complete and balanced diet. Generally speaking, smaller dogs tend to be pickier eaters than larger breeds. It is helpful to....

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Persian Cat Found At Mei Ling Street

Abandoned in Mei Ling Street for a while, a rescuer has done her due diligence to track her owner and see if she is a lost cat since the cat pop-up out quite suddenly. No one has come forward to....

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Adopt A Cat – New Mother To 3 Kittens

Adopt a female tabby, she recently gave birth to three kittens. Found at Kaki Bukit, a rescuer took her home upon seeing some discharge. The cat gave birth the next day to three kittens. As the kittens are bigger than....

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