Cat popsicles | making a frozen treat for kitty

Just like humans, frozen treats for cats are a fun, delicious way to beat the summer heat. Enter the Catsicle. These simple, DIY cat popsicles are designed with your kitty (and your cat’s nutrition) in mind.

Make your cat a deserving treat. Whether or not she eats the popsicle is another story. At least, she knows you tried making her life fun – and that’s what really matters. 

DIY popsicles for cats


  • 1 can of wet cat food (Pate works best)
  • The same amount of Primal Raw Goat Milk (available at Homes Alive physical locations), or Honest Kitchen Goat’s Milk.
  • Small cat treats 
  • Ice cube trays (for catsicle moulds)


  1. Dump the full can of wet food into a bowl. Or, try canned tripe instead for another healthy substitute.
  2. Fill the empty can with goat milk, and mix that with the cat food until well-blended.
  3. Spray the ice cube tray with cooking spray for easy removal. 
  4. Spoon or pour mixture into the ice cube tray.

5. Add a cat treat. You can use almost any kind of treat.

6. Put in freezer until fully frozen, about 2-3 hours.

7. Remove from ice cube tray and let your cat enjoy his treat! For best freshness, remove immediately from ice cube tray and place in a sealed freezer container or a Ziploc freezer bag.

Text and photos from Homes Alive.

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