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Off-screen, Huang cozies up with her recent adoptee Luna.

A cat-mama is cool and trending

A cat-mama is cool. Today, the one thing you need to make your mark as an A-lister is – a cat. Thanks to celebrities like Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid, the stereotypical term “cat lady” is elevated into the essence of cool.

Youtuber Geraldine Huang has a passion for entertaining and performing. The aspiring actress and key opinion leader in Singapore’s multi-channel network company Starzstruck Entertainment is also cat-mama to two adorable cats.

Huang shared that she always wanted to be a cat-mama since her 14-year-old Maltese dog passed a few years ago. Prompted by Ninjin, her fur-kid, she feels herself on an adoption spree.

don’t buy – adopt!

Despite her busy schedule and odd working hours, Huang manages to find time to adopt two cats Ninjin and Luna; the latter is a special need feline. Huang believes that a kind heart knows no bounds and she is encouraging humans with big hearts and less time to adopt animals in need.

“As long as we can do proper time management, we can still care and adopt community cats,” adds Huang.

The self-professed cat-mama recently adopted Luna, a male cat with a healed fractured hip which left him with colon and constipation issues. A facebook call for adoption from a cat rescuer led Huang to adopt the ailing cat. Contrary to superstitious beliefs, Huang didn’t mind adopting a black coloured cat.

“A sick cat was in urgent need of a loving home and care. I was happy to help then without even looking at his photo!” quips Huang.

Soon after adoption, Luna developed a throat inflammatory condition that also requires medication in addition to his special dietary requirements. Due to his medical condition, Luna is unable to digest dry food and is currently on a wet food diet.

Ninjin is a female orange tabby Huang adopted from the Cat Welfare Society in July this year. Both cats are about a year old.

two cats and a lady

Having two cats in a household can be a challenging affair especially if one is introduced at a later stage. Huang admitted that the transition was difficult but thankfully took only two weeks to settle down.

Ninjin who is the alpha resident cat was not very accepting of Luna initially. Daily supervised meetings were necessary to get the two felines acquainted. 

“The first two weeks were crazy, with Ninjin hissing at Luna all the time. I won’t say that it was an easy transition. Everyday I’d let them meet for about 15 minutes, till the hissing stops. Things went smoothly after several weeks and faster than I thought. Now they are able to be alone with each other without my supervision,” says Huang.

cats in the limelight

In her Instagram stories @meowraldine, Huang shares her paw-rental experiences bringing up Ninjin and Luna with her over 3000 followers.

One video shows Ninjin paw-sitively engaged with an on-screen mouse and fish. Another clip shows Luna cozying up with Huang in bed and playing earnestly with his stuffed toy.

The insta-stories of Ninjin and Luna are windows to their unique personalities in which Huang hopes to inspire her followers to share their home with community cats.

“Ninjin is a very tame cat and dislikes a stranger’s approach. However she is ok with me approaching and touching her but doesn’t like to be carried. She loves to disturb me in the morning while I’m sleeping and asks for her breakfast,” shares Huang.

On the other hand, Luna is Huang’s new found shadow who follows her everywhere. Today, both cats are comfortable in each other’s company and often vye for Huang’s attention by pretending to engage in  catty brawls.

about geraldine huang


Self-professed and proud cat-mama, Geraldine Huang is a key opinion leader (KOL) in Singapore’s multi-channel network company Starzstruck Entertainment.

Huang’s love for cats started when she was a working student at a now defunct cat café, which sparked her appreciation for felines. The young Huang developed a habit of feeding community cats often participate in animal volunteer work.

“My dream is to build an animal loving community, to bring awareness to the public that community cats need our help. I hope to encourage cat lovers to participate in animal volunteer work,” says Huang.

The 30 year old artiste is selective with her public endorsements, choosing only those in line with her vision. Her recent endorsement includes Space Pets, a retail and grooming pet business which is active in animal-centric community work. The company feeds and grooms needy cats and dogs.

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