Pet-friendly floor option – stylish and hardy luxury vinyl flooring

The right pet-friendly floor for pet parents who are design savvy will involve balancing design preferences, resistance to pet damage and replacing or deep-cleaning the flooring often.

The issues with pets and flooring are mainly two-fold: the damage that occurs from scratches and the problems of staining from liquid or solid “accidents” that are inevitable with pets at home.

why vinyl is the best pet-friendly floor option for cats and dogs at home

Vinyl flooring is a popular flooring option for household with pet cats and dogs.

This type of flooring is pet-friendly, durable, resilient and of high quality. New vinyl floors now come with extra thickness and that is an added advantage.

Luxury vinyl flooring by GEFF Vinyl Signature and NOX Orchid+ are an improved form of resilient vinyl that comes in plank and tile forms and are assembled with “click-lock” systems. The vinyl planks are thicker and more durable than a standard vinyl sheet or vinyl tile flooring and has an improved wear layer that is much more resistant to scratches and dents. As a superior vinyl flooring option, they are highly durable, long-lasting, colour-fast and moisture-resistant.

Effortlessly stylish, the luxury vinyl flooring by GEFF Vinyl Signature and NOX Orchid+ are available at Goodrich Global and comes in many different designs and is often hard to distinguish from stone, natural wood, or ceramic.

Whichever vinyl you choose, be sure to enjoy some quiet as vinyl is great for softening the sound of nails when your pets walk across the floor!

√ Easy to Install

The vinyl comes in plank and tile format assembled by a strong and secure “click-lock” system.

√ Scratch-resistant

It is a given that pets scratch on floors with toe nails and claws. They leave their mark just by walking, running or jumping around. Damages are inevitable with pets at home and when one happens, a highly durable vinyl floor can withstand dents and scrapes.

√ Easy to Clean and Maintain

“Accidents” both solid and liquid are inevitable with cats and dogs at home. A water-proof and resilient vinyl flooring simply requires a quick mop and sweep to clean any mess, leaving you more quality time with your pets.

√ Sound-absorbent

The soft vinyl flooring is great for reducing the “click-click” sound of your pet’s nails when they walk and run across the floor.

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