Cat-Friendly Condominium Which Maximises On Vertical Space

Feline lovers understand that humans do not actually own cats. In fact, the reverse is true. Hence, cat-friendly spaces often include cat walkways, nooks and climbing shelves whether to proudly showcase the cats or subtly take advantage of unused vertical space. So when Selina Tay principal designer and owner of Collective Designs was tasked to transform a bachelor pad into a feline friendly space, Tay’s first step was to look up.

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Why Do Rabbits Eat Their Own Poop?

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Contrary to its disgusting nature, it is normal behaviour for rabbits to eat their poop. Rabbits eat their own poop and digest it a second time. All rabbits eat their feces as it is an important part of the digestive process. When rabbits feed, their digestive systems cannot extract all the nutrients from food the first time it is digested. During the digestion process, soft pellets called cecotropes are formed, which contain valuable protein and fiber.

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Cat-Friendly Home That Is Nature Inspired

"To you he is just a pet. To him, you are his everything” – an anonymous quote which resonates true in this flat tucked in Marine Crescent. For Sia Aiwei, her cats mean everything to her, having the furry animals always present all her life. Naturally when Aiwei embarked on a massive overhaul of the four-roomer, and childhood home, the felines needs were part of the design brief. “I wanted a home which incorporates a cat’s natural habitat seamlessly,” explains the founder and chief designer of PawGlam!, a pet fashion line.

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Gerbils – Profile, Housing and Behaviour

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Gerbils are burrowing rodents native to Asia and Africa. Popular pet gerbil species is the Mongolian. Unlike hamsters, gerbils are a little bit shorter in length than a Syrian hamster and slimmer. They also have a long furred tail with a delightful tuft on the end, in the same length as their body.

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Cat-Friendly House for Booklovers

When creating homes for a lifetime, it comes naturally that we should build our homes around things we truly enjoy the most. It could be the incorporating of a hobby like fishing or cooking into the design that will ultimately bring us joy each time we unlock the front door to our pad. In the redesign of a terrace house, the clients, a pair of homeowners who teach and write poetry for their day jobs, wanted to build an ideal home where work and relaxation could happen interchangeably and for their extensive collection of art and books to be displayed in a resplendent manner. Another tweak to the design brief was accommodated for the two shy but inquisitive cats of the homeowners. With books and cats as the homeowners’ primary sources of happiness, Alexandra Barker, principal-in-charge of the project, worked to construct a dreamscape that pulled from the best of both worlds.

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Dogs Body Language Explained

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Dogs body language involves facial expressions and body postures that allow them to communicate how their emotional state and intentions to others around them. You have to observe at your dog’s face and whole body to understand what their saying and when they are feeling scared, happy or angry. Their ears, tails, and mouth are the furry roadmaps into their mind.

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Bringing A New Cat Home – What to expect and avoid

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Congratulations – you have adopted a cat! Your cat’s first 24 hours in a new home can be stressful. Welcome your new cat by reducing their anxiety by giving them space, careful introductions and setting a routine.

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Give Your Breed Dog Nutrition Tailored To Its Needs

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The overall health of cats and dogs benefit the most when they are fed with breed specific food. Cat and dog nutrition specialists at Royal Canin partner with veterinarians, breeders and other pet experts to recognize the effect of each nutrient to develop a formula perfect for a particular breed.

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