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Mugging buddy for life. Latte is on study duty with student Gladys Chia as she does her homework.

Adopted cat Latte's second chance in life

Student Gladys Chia’s adopted cat, Latte is given a second chance in life. Over a year ago, the cat was found injured after being stuck in a wire fence.

The journey began when the JC2 student at Raffles Institution responded to an adoption notice for a cat in an instagram post by Temasek Polytechnic Veterinarian course.

Chia learned that the female cat was picked by a local vet when she was about 2 months old, and found injured after being stuck in a wire fence. The fact that the cat was left homeless for so long made the teenager determined to be her saviour.

“Latte was one of the cats and was 6 months old then, while the other was 3 weeks old. I initially wanted to adopt the kitten, and visited the vet clinic to meet him. However, I also met Latte then, I instantly fell in love with Latte’s chatty, bubbly personality. She was cradled in the vet’s arms and chatting non-stop as if she was engaged in a conversation with us,” shares Chia.

all on board for the adopted cat except dad

Chia admitted that both her mother and younger brother were extremely excited to adopt Latte, quickly buying whatever the adopted cat needed when she finally moved into our home. Her father, on the other hand, was aversed to the adoption. Despite her father’s disapproval, Chia adopted Latte.

“We adopted Latte anyways and how the tables have turned – it didn’t take more than a week for my dad to fall in love with Latte as well. Now, he feeds Latte every morning and she’s the first thing that he greets after coming home from a long day at work,” says Chia gleefully.

cat in hiding

In the beginning, the adopted cat was incredibly shy and constantly hid behind the sofa or in her box in her cage. However, Chia discovered that she was easily attracted to toys and snacks, which prompted Chia to use them as baits to lure Latte out of her hiding spots.

Thanks to Latte’s curious nature, it did not take more than 3 days for her to finally explore the house, get comfortable with her new family, and mark her scent around the house.

These days, the mix-breed cat loves playing around the house. Her favourite toys include twine, a dangling toy from a stick, and small things like a dice and balls that she can push around. She enjoys napping and is often found in the little nooks and crannies around the house, curled up into a ball or in the weirdest and seemingly uncomfortable positions.

She feeds on commercial grade kibbles with snacks in between.

“Her favourite is the Sheba and Ciao snacks – she would literally grab our snack from our hands and chew down on the wrapper. Its no surprise she gained a little chub ever since living with us!” shares Chia.

a cat with an attitude

Latte turns one year old come August and has grown to be quite a feisty kitty.

“Latte is an extremely curious cat. When faced with something unfamiliar she’ll investigate it at all odds, even if she’s scared. She’s not afraid to meet new people, and quick to get comfy with them, often demanding to play and snack.”

Latte also makes a great study buddy for Chia and her sibling, taking her favourite spot perched on top of the laptop, which lends her warmth and comfort. When bored, she will demand for attention with her incessant meows.

Having been in the new household for almost a year, Latte is curious but cautious. Chia knows well to give Latte the attention only when the cat diva asked for it or risk getting nipped at her fingers. She allows occasional cuddles and pets on her head but touching her belly is a no-no, and will send the cat into a mad frenzy. Attempts to pick her up are often met with a wriggle to break free.

Chia realized that the adopted cat is actually quite clingy despite her dislike for human touch. She continues to build a familial bond with Chia albeit in measured tones at her own time. Mornings at home with Latte are a battle for Chia’s attention before she leaves for school.

“When I make breakfast in the kitchen, she meows at me through the glass door as if to say ‘Why are you there? Come back already’. She is actually really clingy as well and constantly tottering about in my trail, and following me around into every room I enter. She even chooses to sit with me as I mop the floor although being faced with her worst enemy – water,” shares Chia.

“Cats like Latte deserve a nice home just like any other pet. Animals in adoption shelters especially deserve a little bit more love, as most of them had been in tough situations and it is up to you to bring them a second chance at life and see how they bloom!”

See Latte the contortionist when asleep.

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