Syrian Hamster - life of Boi Boi

When Nicole Ling’s pet hamsters passed on from old age, the hamster lover was keen on filling the furry void. A call for adoption on Facebook for a Golden Syrian hamster came to Ling at the right time.

“A woman contacted me on the Hamster Lovers Club on Facebook. My previous hamsters Coffee Bean and BenBen had passed on from old age so I wanted another Syrian. I called him Boi Boi because he seems to respond to this name,” shares Ling.

Now at 8 months old, Boi Boi is almost an adult hamster with a shy and timid personality.

Ling also realized that Boi Boi is quite the gentleman. He has great bathroom manners and a neat streak about him.

“He is really well-behaved, neat and clean. He doesn’t mess up his habitat and does his business at specific spots only. He would take food from my hand and did not allow anyone to touch him for a few months. However, he has been more courageous recently and allows me to pat him,” adds Ling.

Boi Boi getting his daily workout on the hamster wheel.

a luxurious and fresh smelling hamster pad

Unlike many hamsters housed in generic store-bought cages, Boi Boi has a “palace” for a home, thanks to a doting human mom.

Home for this posh furkid is a customised acrylic tank measuring 140cm by 50cm by 50cm and decorated to mimic a garden scene. Despite his lavish home, little Boi Boi prefers to hide himself in his tunnel chamber.

“Compared to the average hamster home, this is considered a luxurious man-made habitat. I try my best to micmic a natural environment for my hamster. I believe this will keep him happy and healthy for a long time,” shares Ling.

Since Boi Boi has great bathroom manners, it is very easy to maintain and clean his habitat. According to Ling, she spot cleans his nest twice a week and deep cleans the entire habitat once in every 3 months.

“Since I scatter herbs, rose petals, twigs, barks and wild flowers in his habitat, his tank is always smelling like fresh meadows.”

organic hamster diet

Quite a lucky hamster, Boi Boi leads a charmed life. Even his daily diet is elaborately planned and mostly organically sourced.

He eats a mixture of commercial food for hamsters, as well as exotic herbs, seeds, sprays, wild flowers, plant roots and organic snacks from Germany. Ling is careful to refrigerate all of his food to keep well in Singapore’s humid weather.

“I buy his food from a trusted friend who imports organic ingredients from family-owned farms in Germany. His food is more expensive than most hamster food but I enjoy spoiling my hamster,” shares Ling.

His favourite snacks include fresh vegetables such as baby corn, greens, cucumber, carrot, peas, long beans and some tofu and whatever fresh produce Ling bought from the market.

Other than Boi Boi, Ling is also mom to Tinkerbelle, a Winter White Dwarf hamster. Both Boi Boi and Tinkerbelle has their own private habitat.

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