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Sun Conure Species Profile – Housing, Diet and Behaviour

The Sun Conure is a highly popular pet bird for a couple of reasons. These playful little parrots are quick to charm hearts with their intelligent and fun personality. They love to mimic songs and dance too.

With a long lifespan of up to thirty years, these lovely parrots can be a faithful companion for a family pet. As a pet they are widely available at most pet stores and not too expensive.

Be prepared, this bird is one of the loudest of all parrots. They are not a good starter bird since they require a lot of consistent training, daily interaction, and constant socialization to keep them tame and well-behaved.

Sun Conures are inquisitive, energetic and lively little parrots.

physical characteristics and overview

Adult Size

  • 12 inches (30 centimetres)


  • 4 ounces (110 grams)

Life Expectancy

  • 30 years

An adult Sun Conure can reach a length of 12 inches (30 centimeters) and weigh up to 4 ounces (110 grams). Sun Conures are considered a medium-sized parrot, but their stocky build will make them seem small and cute.


Sun Conures are relatively good mimics. They love to learn and repeat familiar sounds and some basic short words. Sometimes they can get loud, with their high-pitched screech calls, or murmured singing. This occasional high level of noise might be a problem if you live in an apartment.

Pet conures will love music, often joyously dance and “sing along” to the rhythm of popular songs. Energetic, intelligent and fun, pet conures love to be in the center of attention, displaying their tricks and mimicking all the sounds they picked up.

There is a great tendency for a conure to bond with a particular person, and becoming protective when others are around. Be mindful, this protectiveness and their strong temperament can result in an occasional nibble.

diet & nutrition

To ensure a healthy and balanced diet for your conure, the first step is to get a commercial seed or pellet mix. They are filled with nutritious millet, sunflower, wheat and barley seeds.

Complement commercial seeds and pellet mix with a regular dose of fresh fruits, green veggies, and nuts. Cuttlebones and commercial mineral blocks both serve as a great source of vitamins and a chance for your pet to work on their beak. Ensure a source of daily fresh water.

offspring & breeding

Sun Conure pairs are visually similar and monogamous. They will bond with their mate for a lifetime and become very affectionate partners.


Sun Conures are highly energetic and sociable, which means they will require a lot of space outside of the cage, playing around the house. Be sure to provide perching stands around the house and regular baths which they love.

health and common conditions

Sun Conures are considered stout and robust in health. They are known for their ability to adapt and thrive in most common conditions.

To ensure a long and healthy life, do pay attention to avoid issues like cold, neglected hygiene and lack of space and exercise.

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