Mother Cat Reunited With Newborn Kitten After Adoption

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In adoption cases, a mother cat is typically separated from her kittens. A newborn kitten needs her mother for the first four weeks for nursing and nurturing. Generally a kitten is fully weaned between eight to ten weeks of age. Lola, an abandoned mother cat was sterilized when found by a cat trapper from the Cat Welfare Society and a volunteer. Lola was eight months old when found with her nipples swollen. Since no kittens were found near her, the volunteer proceeded to send Lola to a veterinary clinic for health screenings and sterilization. At the same time, the volunteer posted an adoption notice for Lola. Luckily a home was found for Lola while she was being treated at the veterinary clinic. The sterilized cat which tested negative for FIV and FeLVS can then be released to her new home upon discharged from the clinic.

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Singapore’s Community Cats – Felines Living Outdoors

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Singapore’s community cats are a cultural phenomenon. Also known as street cats, these felines are "adopted" by a neighbourhood of people who feed, provide veterinary care and look out for them. Some even have names and are recognized residents in Singapore’s streets and housing estates. The only humane and effective approach to community cats is sending them for sterilization via Stray Cat Sterilisation Programme (SCSP), Cat Welfare Society (CWS) and Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). Doing so will help manage the stray cat population and mitigate nuisance issues such as caterwauling. PetReview captured images of some lovable community cats living healthy and happy lives in their space. Enjoy these cute kitties and their ways!

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Treatments For Kidney Failure In Cats

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Chronic kidney failure is a life-threatening disease for cats and has no definitive cure. However, early and successful treatment for acute renal failure in cats may result in the cat regaining full function of her kidneys.

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Symptoms Of Kidney Disease In Cats

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The risk factors between acute and renal kidney failures in cats are different. However, both conditions share similar symptoms. Monitoring your cat’s drinking and urinating habits will help detect early signs of kidney disease. A cat in early stages of chronic kidney failure (CKD) shows an increase in urination whereas a reduction in urination is typically a sign of acute or late-stage chronic kidney failure.

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What Is Kidney Failure In Cats?

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The kidneys of a healthy cat principally act to remove metabolic waste products from the blood stream, regulate the levels of essential nutrients such potassium and sodium, conserve water and produce urine. In kidney or renal failure, the kidneys cope with their inability to efficiently remove waste products by producing a larger amount of more dilute urine. As a result, waste products begin to build up in the bloodstream.

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Bengal Cat And His New Brother

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A Bengal resident cat, Kenobi finally found his soulmate and brother. His human daddy had to go through two home trial sessions before finally settling on Hero, a male tabby cat at Kenobi’s approval. Each home trial lasted one week for Kenobi to assess his potential house-mate.

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Female Tabby Cat Looking For Loving Home

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A female tabby cat about 4 months old is looking for a furever home. She is found in Bishan, limping. A kind rescuer, Grace brought her to the vet, treated her and named her Febe. She is now given a clean bill of health and no longer limps in pain. Febe loves humans but is not friendly with other cats and hence may grow up to be a domineering alpha cat.

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