foods poisonous to dogs - 10 human foods dogs should not eat

What’s Delicious To Humans Are Toxic To Dogs

Feeding human foods poisonous to dogs can be very dangerous for their health and may even be life-threatening.

Unlike humans, dogs have a different metabolism. It is important to keep foods poisonous to dogs out of their reach. In the event that your dog consumed any of these harmful foods, visit the vet immediately.

01 - grapes and raisins

It takes only one tiny grape or raisin to make a dog very sick. These fruits can cause kidney failure in dogs.

Beware of these fruits found in bread, rolls, and cookies which a dog can accidentally eat. Canines that already have underlying health problems are at greatest risk and just one raisin can be lethal.

grapes - poisonous food for dogs

Fresh grapes and raisins found in cakes and cookies are toxic to dogs.

02 - chocolate

Chocolate contains a caffeine-like stimulant called theobromine that is poisonous to dogs.  The darker the chocolate, the higher the amount of theobromine it contains. Rule of thumb, dark chocolates are the most dangerous.

Signs of theobromine poisoning will occur between four and 24 hours after ingestion.  Signs to look out for are vomiting, diarrhoea, restlessness, hyperactivity and seizures. 

chocolate - poisonous food for dogs

Dark chocolates are especially harmful than milk chocolates.

03 - caffeine, coffee, tea and sodas

Like chocolate, caffeine is a stimulant. Dogs are more sensitive to the effects of caffeine than people. While your dog is not likely to be lapping your mug of coffee, he may accidentally swallow some coffee grounds or used tea bags. Signs of caffeine poisoning are similar to chocolate toxicity.

Caffeine is not only found in coffee but in tea bags too.

Caffeine is not only found in coffee but in tea bags too.

04 - onions, garlic, chives and leeks

Onions are particularly poisonous to dogs. Eating these vegetables can cause stomach and gut irritation and lead to red blood cell damage and anaemia.

Signs of poisoning often only occur a few days after your dog has eaten raw or cooked onions. Look out for table scraps containing cooked onions or garlic, pizza and cooked dishes.

onions - poisonous food for dogs

Onions are often found in cooked dishes too which are harmful when eaten by dogs.

05 - yeast bread dough

Never feed your dog unbaked dough that usually contains yeast used for bread and rolls. When consumed, yeast dough can cause gas to accumulate in your dog’s digestive system as a result of the dough rising which leads to the stomach or intestines to become blocked.

pizza dough - poisonous food for dogs

Make no mistake in feeding dogs with uncooked dough.

06 - alcohol

Alcohol which is also a major byproduct of ingested yeast dough is poisonous to dogs. Other than alcoholic drinks, the substance is lurking in cakes and desserts.

When consumed, even small quantities of alcohol food products may cause life-threatening poisoning. 

alcohol rum - poisonous food for dogs

Alcohol is also found in cakes such as rum balls and fruit cakes.

07 - corn cobs

Corn on the cob does not digest well in a dog’s stomach. When ingested in large chunks of the cob, it can cause an intestinal blockage due to its size and shape. Signs to look out for are vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhoea and abdominal discomfort.

corn cob - poisonous food for dogs

A dog’s stomach cannot ingest large chunks of corn on the cob.

08 - xylitol

A sugar substitite, Xylitol is commonly found in sugar-free chewing gums, breath mints and some baked goods. The substance is known to cause a life-threatening blood clotting disorder and liver damage to dogs. It only takes a 10-pound dog to chew one piece of gum to get seriously ill.

xylitol/chewing gum - poisonous food for dogs

Chewing gums are often loaded with Xylitol, a sugar-substitute toxic for dogs.

09 - chicken bones

Feeding your dog bones is dangerous. Apart from the fact that he may choke on them, the pieces of bones cause intestinal obstructions, damage their teeth chewing them, or sustain internal injury as bone splinters can puncture your dog’s digestive tract.

Cooked bones are particularly dangerous as they splinter easily and small enough to get stuck in intestines.

chicken bones - poisonous food for dogs

Cooked chicken bones when eaten, splinters easily which can puncture a dog’s intestines.

10 - macademia nuts

Macademia nuts are poisonous to dogs. Often found in cakes, cookies and muffins, it takes one Macademia nut for your dog to suffer weakness, especially in the hind legs. Other symptoms include lethargy, diarrhea, vomiting, tremors and fever. 

These symptoms tend to last for approximately up to 48 hours. If you suspect your dog has consumed macadamia nuts note the possible quantity consumed and contact your vet.

macadamia nuts - poisonous food for dogs

Macademia nuts can be found as whole and in chinks in cookies and cakes.

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