Overweight Dogs - How to fight obesity in dogs

how to tell if your dog is fat?

Figuring out whether your dog is overweight or obese is a matter of both appearance and touch. You should, for example, be able to feel your dog’s ribs when you press her sides.

The ribs should be palpable without any excessive fats around it. Its waist should be visible behind ribs when viewed from above and abdomen tucked up when viewed from the sides.

tips to prevent obesity in dogs

Signs are aplenty, in order to carry out preventative measures. For starters, dogs that have been neutered are more prone to weight gain. Likewise, when a dog enters middle or old age, activity levels will normally diminish considerably, which aggravates weight problems.

Maintain a diet

It is not very difficult to aid your dog in keeping a healthy body weight. The clear first step would be to start your dog on an adequate diet for its body type or breed. A great way to determine this would be via veterinarian consultation, for surefire answers on what works best for your dog’s breed.

Low fat and protein rich diets are typically favoured. Protein stimulates metabolism, contributing to fat burning, and also helps your dog feel fuller. Foods rich in fiber are known to boost intestinal metabolism.

Establish a meal schedule

Never leave food out all day for your dog. Set a time of say 15 minutes per mealtime and remove any uneaten food.

Limit snacks

A random biscuit or treats for being good do add up to a dog’s calorie intake. Keeping a food diary helps in keeping track to the amount of snacks a dog is getting.

Chews, treats and biscuits can be fattening. Opt for low-calorie ones instead or offer fruits or vegetables like banana, apple slices and carrots.


Like humans, the best way to shed some pounds for the heavy hound is exercise. Consult a veterinarian first to avoid possible injury before starting a regime. Outdoor activities are also a great way to bond with your dogs. Swimming, fetch and run are fun activities that keep your dog active, healthy and happy.

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