Calming a hyperactive Dog

Tips To Calm An Overactive Canine

Most dogs are “high-energy” based on their breeds and temperaments. It can be excitement, boredom or happiness that motivates your dog to jump around which can be cute and exhaustive at times for parents. An energetic dog may need more time on walks and additional rounds of playing catch.

A hyperactive dog, however, needs more than just to blow off a little extra energy. Hyperactive dogs truly have trouble calming down, need more physical energy and often have difficulty learning simple commands.

Being parent to a hyperactive dog can be frustrating. Here are some simple tips to help curb your pet’s hyperactivity.

consider your own energy

Pets are sensitive to our own emotional ups and downs. Nervous or anxious moods can affect the energy of your dog as your projection will be reflected. Pay attention on the times your dog come over to you in a time of sadness. If your dog seems especially anxious, overly sensitive, and/or hyperactive, it’s worth considering your own state of mind as well.

If you’re feeding your dog’s problematic tendencies, calming yourself down probably won’t make your dog’s hyperactivity go away completely, but it’s a good starting point to get you both into a better mood.

put hyper dogs to work

Hyperactivity stems from psychological needs as well as physical ones. By giving a dog a job to do, you remove his hyperactivity by redirecting his energy elsewhere. For instance, having your dog put on a backpack with some weight will keep your dog focussed on carrying rather than get distracted.


Make sure your dog is getting plenty of exercise. Take daily walks with your pup and/or play outside to get him physically active as often as possible.

smart toys

Mental stimulation can also keep your dog calm. Use puzzles, treat-release toys or outdoor activities that appeal to your dog’s natural instincts.

balanced diet

A certain type of diet or certain foods can play a role on your dog’s activity level. The chemical substances dopamine is decomposed in phenylalanine. Therefore, try to avoid feeding your dog too much chicken, turkey or wild meat, since these contain high amounts of phenylalanine.

Feed your dog a balanced diet. Food sensitivity can contribute to restless, hyperkinetic behavior. If you don’t know which food is best for your pet, do ask the opinion of your vet.

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