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A Cat-Mama is Cool and Trending

A cat-mama is cool. Today, the one thing you need to make your mark as an A-lister is - a cat. Thanks to celebrities like Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid, the stereotypical term...

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Help! – my dog follows me everywhere

Many dogs love to follow their humans around the house. It is their expression of love and interest for their human companions. But when your dog gets clingy, the behaviour can be a...

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The Persian Cat – 8 Fun Facts

An old breed, Persian cats make popular pets due to their calm and sweet disposition. Although Persians tend to be relaxed and easygoing, they tend to limit their affections to humans closest to...

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Why Do Rabbits Eat Their Own Poop?

Contrary to its disgusting nature, it is normal behaviour for rabbits to eat their poop. Rabbits eat their own poop and digest it a second time. All rabbits eat their feces as it...

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Gerbils – Profile, Housing and Behaviour

Gerbils are burrowing rodents native to Asia and Africa. Popular pet gerbil species is the Mongolian. Unlike hamsters, gerbils are a little bit shorter in length than a Syrian hamster and slimmer. They...

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Cat-Friendly House for Booklovers

When creating homes for a lifetime, it comes naturally that we should build our homes around things we truly enjoy the most. It could be the incorporating of a hobby like fishing or...

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Dogs Body Language Explained

Dogs body language involves facial expressions and body postures that allow them to communicate how their emotional state and intentions to others around them. You have to observe at your dog’s face and...

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Aquarium Basics For Successful Fishkeeping

Aquarium setup needs to be proper from the start. Choose compatible fish species to create the right aquarium dynamic. Below is a handy checklist of what to look for when setting your first...

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The Adopted Dog Who Loves Sun-tanning

Teenager Renee Wee was at a random family outing to a dog café Pawsnpans when she fell in love with Archer. The honey-eyed dog was then housed at the café and looking for...

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Adopted Cat Latte’s Second Chance In Life

A call for adoption for a cat in an instagram post by Temasek Polytechnic Veterinarian course tugged at Gladys Chia’s heartstrings. The JC2 student at Raffles Institution promptly responded to the adoption call...

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Syrian Hamster – Life Of Boi Boi

When Nicole Ling’s pet hamsters passed on from old age, the hamster lover was keen on filling the furry void. A call for adoption on Facebook for a Golden Syrian hamster came to...

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Introducing A New Cat To Your Dog

Introducing a new cat to your dog can be an exciting and stressful affair. Understandably, you are a little worried about how your dog is going to take to this new arrival! Rest...

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Mongrel – Why This Dog Is Twice The Fun

When Louis first saw Toby in 2016, the mongrel appeared aggressive, had bad skin and in poor health. Toby was housed at Exclusively Mongrel (EM), a non-profit animal shelter for stray dogs in...

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The Best Food For Fussy Dogs

Picking food for fussy dogs can be frustrating. The first step is to ensure you are feeding your dog a complete and balanced diet. Generally speaking, smaller dogs tend to be pickier eaters than larger breeds. It is helpful to....

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Persian Cat Found At Mei Ling Street

Abandoned in Mei Ling Street for a while, a rescuer has done her due diligence to track her owner and see if she is a lost cat since the cat pop-up out quite suddenly. No one has come forward to....

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Adopt A Cat – New Mother To 3 Kittens

Adopt a female tabby, she recently gave birth to three kittens. Found at Kaki Bukit, a rescuer took her home upon seeing some discharge. The cat gave birth the next day to three kittens. As the kittens are bigger than....

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